Thursday, May 14, 2015

5 Day Black and White Challenge

Photography challenges can be a lot of fun and it most certainly can be an opportunity to get yourself out there to shoot. Some of my photography buddies recently challenged me to a five day Black and White project and I happily obliged. I haven't done a photo essay in a long time and just wanted to share my five favorite shots from the challenge. I made an attempt to really try something different. All of the following shots were taken with the Fuji X-T1 in RAW and converted in Silky Pix. 

As a side note, I have been really pleased with the output from Silky Pix. Although I find it not as sharp as Capture One Pro, it does a good enough job for me as a pure RAW converter. Of course you mileage may vary.  As always thanks for stopping by.

Meet one of my best friends, Jeff. This was taken at the dessert at high noon. I knew his hair and sunglasses would provide a lot of contrast so I decided to blow up the highlights. While I normally try to preserve the highlights, I opted to do just the opposite. This was taken with the Fuji 56mm
Macro was never my strength, so I decided to give it a shot on my second day. This miniature toy skateboard was found around my complex. Just one of the many lost toys I found. This particular shot was taken with the Super Takumar 50mm macro lens adapted on the Lens Turbo II Focal Reducer. 
Another lost toy I found in my neighborhood. If memory servers me right, this is an amber tone B&W conversion. I am really beginning to like this look and plan on using this process in future edits. This shot was taken with the Super Takumar 50mm macro lens adapted on the Lens Turbo II Focal Reducer. 
I received this all metal Wall-E statuette from my brother for Christmas. This has inspired me to take him with me as a part of my future photography project. The Takumar 50mm macro has been a stellar performer and I just wish I could get in just a little bit closer to my subjects, but I won't really complain about a $90  investment that is this sharp.
Obligatory muse post. The rendering of the Fuji 56mm f/1.2 lens is truly something else. Part of the reason why I have spent a lot of time with the X-T1 is this particular lens. While I think the 23mm is a spectacular lens, I think the 56mm is exceptionally good.
I know I mentioned this was a five day challenge, but I decided to throw one in from Heather's set. I have been really impressed with some of her work and this shot is no exception. I liked her use of framing within a frame and its overall ominous feel.

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