Monday, July 15, 2013

Comic Con San Diego 2013

San Diego Comic Con - Here we come
Every year around this time, I get the wonderful opportunity to work with John Pelico of Killer Pumpkins at the San Diego Comic Con (both #1433). Even as I write this blog, I am at a loss of words over how excited I am about going back to what could be the greatest pop culture event in California.  Comic Con began in 1970 "when a group of comics, movie, and science fiction fans including the late Shel Dorf, Ken Krueger, and Richard Alf banded together to put on the first comic book convention in southern California".  It started as a one day event that commanded approximately 100 attendees with two "special guests" and has evolved into a week long event with thousands of attendees and hundreds of programs/panels/meet-and-greets with pop and movie icons.  Needless to say the Gaslamp district in San Diego has transformed into something truly special and I look forward to it every year.  

Be sure to stop by booth 1433 and say hi to John Pelico, creator of Killer Pumpkins
While I am not a cosplayer (short for "costume play", is an activity in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea from a work of fiction - thank you Wikipedia), I can truly appreciate the time, dedication and effort it takes to produce some of these outfits.  Like photography, there are distinct levels of quality and below are some examples. Regardless of their level of craftsmanship, these people really do make the experience so unique and entertaining.  It wouldn't be a Con without them. 

The Good - Little Mermaid 

The Bad -  The Avengers?

The Creative - Thelma, Shaggy, Daphne and Fred

Just simply awesome - Rydia from Final Fantasy II

Meeting nerd celebrities or being at panels with movie/TV stars is another aspect of the Con that I am truly looking forward to.  I have to admit, I have been so busy with my 9-5 job and random assignments that I haven't even looked at the programming.  From my previous experience, meeting people like Chris Gore, Olivia Munn, Kevin Pereira (of the now defunct G4 Channel), Chris Antista (Laser Time Podcast), Henry Gilbert (Laser Time and Cape Crisis Podcast) made my experience so much more memorable.  I can't wait to see who I run into this time.   

THE Henry Gilbert of Laser Time and Cape Crisis - @HenereyG

Chirs Gore of Podcrash and G4 - Princess Leia-ish
Rose Leslie of Game of Thrones - a personal favorite 

A nerd legend - Neil DeGrasse Tyson of Startalk

If there is one thing that tops the cake as the coolest thing I've done at Comic Con thus far, would be the meet and greet with some of the cast and crew of We're Alive.  We're Alive is a serial podcast about a story of survival and more importantly zombies - think of a radio drama that has a full cast of talented voice actors, superb story line, a top-notch production crew and a high quality studio and you've got yourself We're Alive.  Last year, I had the distinct opportunity to share some laughs with the creator over drinks at the local TGI Friday's and I am lucky enough to do it again this coming Friday.  I doubt I'll get anything out of them regarding the upcoming season, but I'm definitely going to try.  

Blaire Byhower and Kc Wayland of We're Alive 

Meet and Greet with We're Alive cast and crew at TGI Friday's 
Jay Olegario - We're Alive voice actor

Overall, I'm just excited to see what's in store these next 6 six days. I am truly lucky and thankful to Pelico family for making me a member of the Killerpumpkins team.  Now to finish packing. Until my next post.

The great and talented John Pelico - creator of Killer Pumpkins. Forever grateful to this guy

Also thankful to this amazing person

So say we all,

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