Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Power of Crossfit - How crossfit can save

With so much buzz going around about crossfit being bad and dangerous for people, here's a feel good video done by a student at Da Vinci High School. I just feel honored that I was able to photograph such an inspirational student and frankly, a consummate bad ass. The guys over at Crossfit Nerd/Crossfit Zen are truly doing wonderful things for these kids and I wish my nephews have more access to wonderful coaches like Zeb Pascual, Garret Oliver and Dione Oliver. 

Meet Rafeal Rodriguez - congratulations on your transformation

To find out more about Crossfit Nerd and Crossift Zen (a nonprofit public benefit organization dedicated to providing fitness programming for students), please check out their website here:

Rafael with his fellow varsity teammates 

So say we all,

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