Thursday, April 10, 2014

Introducing the newest member of the 13th Floor Team - Ashley Pelico

I am extremely excited to announce the newest member of the 13th Floor team - Ashley Pelico.  I have done several projects with her in the past and you might even notice her from prior blog posts. Just recently I asked if she wanted to be our resident, go-to makeup artist and she said YES!  

If it isn't obvious, having a talented makeup artist on staff is a godsend.  Not only will she help existing clients feel much more confident while posing in front of the camera, it will help tremendously in post production.  I have always believed getting it right in camera is extremely important and the message applies to more than just exposure.  I would be lying if I said I knew anything about makeup and techniques on applying it, but I can tell you when I see a makeup artist execute a good look and a bad one.  I can say with confidence, Ashley is extremely talented.  The session we had this past weekend says it all.  

Did I mention that she is an amazing model as well? Join me in welcoming Ashley Pelico. 

So say we all, 

PS - All shots were taken with the Godox DE300 monolight as the key light with the Phottix Luna octabank.  

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