Friday, April 19, 2013

Inspirational Set - Vintage Mad T Party

Last week, I stumbled upon photos I had taken over 10 years ago of both friends and family. They were taken with an old point and shoot, film camera – it had no controls and the film I had used were cheap fuji rolls. From a technical standpoint, they were awful. When the flash was fired, the highlights were blown out. Some shots were out of focus, soft, underexposed and poorly composed. In fact, some of the photographs started to change in hue (red/yellow/orange) due to its age and how I stored them. Regardless, I had so much fun looking through them and seeing how the people in my life changed.

The Mad Hatter - Josh Bachor

Jenny Kidd as Alice

I've noticed when people view old film photographs, they tend to embrace the flaws and look past the "noise" in the picture, while admiring the composition and/or subject matter. However, when shooting digital, SOME tend to look for the flaws and measure a camera's worth based on its low-light performance or auto-focus speed.   Be that as it may, I don't think I will ever go back to shooting with film, as it will add to an already expensive hobby - though it would be fun to see how the Olympus OM (given to me by the great John Pelico) holds up against the OMD em-5.  For now, I will just adapt the old OM glass to my camera and snap away.

Possibly my favorite band member - Dan Franklin as Dormouse

The talented Dani Kerry as Alice

This Mad T Party set is inspired by my experience. I purposefully made each shot look different and brought the resolution/sharpness down to simulate a film-like image.  In my humble opinion, the photos have a much different feel.  It appears to be somewhat more emotive and expressive, as the subject becomes the focal point and not the quality of the image.  

Mike Hill on Bass as March Hare

John Flanagan as the Mad Hatter
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