Monday, April 29, 2013


Last Saturday was a special day for our photographer, Luigi Aranda - it was his birthday.  Besides expanding his collection of camera gear/software, I wanted to do something special for him.  As I young child, I liked everything my brothers liked.  They cheered for the Lakers, I cheered for the Lakers.  They listened to 80's new wave, I listened to 80's new wave (and continues to be a guilty pleasure to this day).

Force Push
I use the app, Flipboard, to get my daily dose of humor, news, photography articles and I happened to stumble upon a video posted by Kai from DigitalRev.  He demonstrated how to freeze people mid-air to simulate a move from the popular videogame, Street Fighter.  I specify the game, as I had to explain to my nieces and nephews what Street Fighter is and the significance of the Hadouken. I will no longer assume what is common knowledge to me is common knowledge to all =).  Well, after watching the video, I knew I had to do this at our family party...and I did!!!


To this day, I fondly remember spending hours in front of the television playing videogames with my brothers or basking in the glory of the original Star Wars episodes.  These memorable experiences have shaped who I am today and I am thankful for them.  Happy birthday, Kuya Luigi, and thank you for the memories.  

Force Choke

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