Monday, April 15, 2013

Creating Black and White HDR

When I first started creating HDR photos, I never thought rendering an image in black & white made much sense.  I originally thought the point of this technique was to bring out colors like the images below.

Paradise Pier
Paradise Pier - California Adventure
However, I've noticed several photographers create HDRs and subsequently turn them into monochrome images.  This process tend to yield very unique and dreamlike photos.  The following images were taken at California Adventure, my favorite location for shutter therapy.  

The Tower of Terror - California Adventure at night

The Grizzly Rapids - California Adventure mid-afternoon
Notice how these images have more of a structured, 3-dimensional feel to it.  Although black & white will not always be my first choice, it has become a photographic option.  

All images were taken with the Olympus OMD in bracketing mode.  

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